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Agronomy services

Our team of passionate, qualified agronomists are available for consultation for a range of farming enterprises. Find a specialist to suit your needs

“Adam not only brought his wealth of knowledge on agronomy to our operation, but he also provided us with a whole farm plan and budgets for us to take away and use moving forward in our business” – Alana Strassmeir – Merit Farm, Sackville NSW

We specialise in the following agronomy services: 

Pest and Weed Control Programs 

White Wax Scale on Persimmon
  • Pest and disease identification, monitoring and eradication 
  • Integrated pest management systems 
  • Weed identification and tailored herbicide programs 

Comprehensive Testing Services 

  • Leaf testing 
  • Soil testing 
  • Water testing 

Agribusiness Assistance 

  • Property evaluation and feasibility studies 
  • Finance and budgeting including gross margin analysis 
  • Production plans and strategies 

We can also assist with services such as crop type and variety selection, irrigation design and implementation. 

Looking to agronomy support for your business? Contact your local branch today.

Our aim is to help growers succeed in their industry, no matter the size.