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Efficon® Insecticide - Powered by Axalion® Active

Thursday 14 September 2023

BASF one of the worlds leading Agricultural chemical companies have just launched their new insecticide Efficon® It now registered for use in horticultural crops this spring.

Mode of action: Group 36 insecticide

Active ingredient(s): 120 g/L Dimpropyridaz in an SL formulation


Efficon is a powerful new option for control of piercing and sucking pests.

Efficon makes a valuable addition to any IPM program. It will deliver rapid, reliable control at flexible timings, both early in a crop and after crop canopy closure – complementing other chemistries and any beneficial insect activity.


Key benefits:

A new mode of action providing rapid and reliable control of whitefly and aphids.

Compatible with beneficial releases which strengthens IPM.

Favourable safety and environmental profile

Controls pests with reduced sensitivity to other insecticides

Rapid feeding cessation reduces virus transmission.


Better protection after crop closure due to systemic, oral and contact activity

Efficon is suitable to use in Brassicas, Cucurbits, Fruiting Vegetable and leafy vegetables.

Contact your local Ace Ohlsson rep to discuss how to fit this new product in your programme.

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