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Eggplant Orestia & Tomato Runner Now In Stock

Friday 21 July 2023

Eggplant Orestia & Tomato Runner are now in stock!


Eggplant Orestia

Vigorous plant, with short internodes and good leaf cover 

Fruit are very uniform, with very good gloss black colour

Fruit are firm, spineless and semi long

Fruit dimensions 23-24cm x 6-7cm

Typical fruit size range is 450-500g

Suitable for spring-summer cultivation in tunnel houses.


"Orestia is a great variety, yield , fruit colour and shape, long picking  

season including mid-winter in Sydney, will be my first choice."

HAJJ, Ahmad Saddik, Bringelly NSW


Tomato Runner

Hybrid Greenhouse - Indeterminate Round Tomato

Glossy very attractive fruit 

Outstanding shelf life

Early maturity

220g to 240g fruit

High pack outs

Manageable plant with short internodes.

Disease Resistance: Fol:0,1, For, Pf, ToMV, TSWV, Va, Vd, Fon, Ma/Mi/Mj


"One of the best varieties I’ve ever planted. Firmness, Taste, Colour, Size." 

Joe Boustani, Kemps Creek NSW

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