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Feed Me Seymour, Feed Me…

Tuesday 29 August 2023

Spring is here so be prepared and don’t let it come to this!!


Ace Ohlsson has all your needs covered to prepare for a strong spring growing season including:

  •     Soil testing to ensure optimise productivity, nutrient balance and fertiliser usage.
  •     In branch Agronomists to advise and assist with preparations, secure orders and get the best deals.
  •     Ag Chem advice and supply
  •     A huge range of fertilisers and micronutrients.
  •     Stock, equine, poultry and pet feed.
  •     A massive range of fruit and veg seed.
  •     Hardware and fencing supplies.

Contact your local Ace Ohlsson Branch or your Agronomist direct to discuss your needs and for our best available deals.

Our aim is to help growers succeed in their industry, no matter the size.