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Maximising you crop potential.

Monday 31 July 2023

Last Argus I talked about the impact of the weather on soils and crops over the last two years, soil testing to ensure that money is spent where the greatest return will be achieved.

Carrying on from this I would like to highlight some options available to start crops (vegetable, tree, and vine) off on the right foot. Plant root growth is critical to crop establishment and growth. Spring can have low ambient temperatures; this slows water and nutrient uptake. Consider drenching seedling transplants with SuperKelp. This can also be used via fertigation after transplant. Tree and vine crops will also benefit from fertigation with Superkelp. Kelp contains Auxins a natural plant hormone which benefits root growth.  Kelp also contains gibberellins, and cytokinins, these hormones influence cell division, crop set and cell elongation.

Look to improve your soils’ water and nutrient holding capacity with Humus 26.  Humic acid is a cost-effective addition to improve soil structure, increase nutrient availability, water holding and also microbial activity. Don’t lose your nutrient through leaching. Also, Humic acid helps displace sodium. 

Finally, I want to touch on Biologicals and Enzymes. Ace has a range of beneficial soil microbes (Trichoderma, bacillus and others) these products out compete plant pathogens, will live off the plant root exudates producing beneficial hormones which will stimulate plant growth.  Enzymes are very new to Ace. Simply put an Enzyme will act as catalyst reacting with various molecules in the soil, breaking down organic matter, releasing nutrients which were unavailable to crops.  These three options will ensure the genetic potential of your crops are reached.

Vince Hewson, Fertilser Manager


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