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New expanded label for Merivon

Tuesday 29 August 2023

A new expanded label for Merivon® Fungicide will make it possible for even more growers to experience Merivon’s class-leading benefits.

Along with Merivon’s existing registrations in almonds, macadamias and cherries, additional crop and disease registrations include; 

  • Fruiting vegetables (field only): powdery mildews and target spot
  • Cucurbits (field only): gummy stem blight and powdery mildew
  • Lemons and tangelos: blossom blight/mould and Emperor brown spot
  • Mangoes: anthracnose and powdery mildew

In fruiting vegetables and cucurbits, trials have shown that spray programs which include  Merivon rotated with Belanty® – the uniquely adaptable, next-generation DMI – can simultaneously raise the level of disease control, simplify crop management and ease resistance pressure.

In all its registered crops, Merivon offers:

  • Class-leading control of key diseases
  • Consistently strong performance powered by Group 7 and 11 modes of action
  • A low residue profile – and no withholding period in the newly added crops
  • Wide and flexible application windows
  • Rapid uptake and excellent rainfastness

For more information on Merivon, you’ll find a selection of downloadable resources including the new label here.

If you have additional questions about Merivon’s new label and recommended use patterns, please contact your local Ace Ohlsson Agronomist.

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