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Seedy - August 2023 - Out and About

Monday 31 July 2023

Through June seedy was on a European tour of flower and vegetable breeder displays and breeding sites though Holland, France and England.

Many existing suppliers where visited but a number of potential new suppliers were also met and will result in a range of new material for trial.. in the flower arena…

A visit was undertaken to the Aalsmeer flower auction floor and to say it was incredible is an understatement thousands of trollies of flowers and plants from around the world are moved , sold and shipped every day in a complex that is larger underroof are than the Whole of the Sydney markets complex. All transactions are electronic and rely on the quality specifications of each tolly being correct .. buyers do not actually see the goods just the descriptions .  

Visits where also made to Vilmorin Mikado lettuce Breeding facility in France where we where privileged to be able to spend the morning with the iceberg lettuce breeder discussing his  program and how they determine the quality of new varieties including disease resistances .. We visited one of his 6 annual lettuce nurseries to see the extent of his program. Over 10000 entries in each nursery making 60000 plus per year and if they get one variety that goes commercial per year it is considered a successful year.  Vilmorin Mikado are distributed by Clause in Australia.

More to come in future Argus updates.

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