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SEEDY... Winter 2023

Wednesday 24 May 2023

The dark, cold nights of winter have  arrived , Seedy has had lots of time (with port in hand in front of the fire) to consider the coming season. Fortunately there has been good rain without the damage of last season but with the cold weather now upon us it is time to think about the spring.

Late April saw the vegetable seeds industry  in Victoria for a VERY successful field day with 11 seed companies displaying their varieties in live demo sites, Bud Anthony and Darryl attended and all come away with a valuable knowledge on the material available to our clients. A number of local growers also attended and without exception also managed to get some insight into the direction plant breeders are heading in a wide range of crops…..

Zucchini plantings are in planning in protected situations with Rosa, Eva and Apollonia being the varieties of choice.  All these varieties have advantages and disadvantages and you need to determine which you prefer.   

Local sweetcorn growers awaiting seed quality reports should be aware that with the weather conditions recently in NZ.. seed may be in short supply we are awaiting further information but Growers wanting more information should contact their Ace Agronomist for advice.

Seedy will be away effectively for the month of June looking for warmer climate.. so you can look forward to commentary in August.

Our aim is to help growers succeed in their industry, no matter the size.