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SIMODIS insecticide. So much more.

Wednesday 24 May 2023

SIMODIS insecticide is a new insecticide that recently was released by Syngenta. It provides robust control of key pests in a range of vegetable crops via a novel mode of action (Group 30). This making SIMODIS an option for helping growers manage resistance.

As a contact insecticide, SIMODIS has excellent sunlight stability and rain-resistant properties, providing extended residual activity.

 SIMODIS® insecticide has demonstrated excellent crop safety, providing flexibility on application timings in a range of crops. SIMODIS insecticide is a highly efficacious management option, supporting productivity and quality. When using SIMODUS the insects will stop feeding within 1 to 3 hours of contact or ingestion, reducing further damage and virus transmission.

SIMODIS is registered on:

  • Brassica – diamondback moth, cabbage white butterfly and suppression of heliothis.
  • Leafy Veg - diamondback moth, cabbage white butterfly and suppression of heliothis.
  • Cucurbits – two spotted mite, cucumber moth, suppression thrips and heliothis
  • Fruiting Veg - – two spotted mite and broad mite. Suppression of tomato russett mite, thrips and heliothis

As always please follow the label and if you have any questions, please contact your local Ace Ohlsson representative.

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