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Vale Graham Nicol

Monday 29 May 2023

The final season has set for one of the agricultural sector and Ace Ohlsson’s respected and admired colleagues, Graham Nicol, who passed recently after a long illness.

Those within Ace Ohlsson and the industry who knew our good friend and work mate will all, no doubt, be devasted.  There was no one who would disagree as to what a gentleman he was.

We will remember him for his many attributes. His work ethic was impressive, his passion for agriculture and his vast experience. 

Graham worked for Schering AG back in the 70’s. He then used his vast skills as a cotton consultant in Wee Waa in the 1980’s before moving to Nelson Bay where he worked in pubs. Drawn back into the Ag industry again, he joined Bayer Crop Science for another long stint before finally finishing up with Ace Ohlsson 18 months ago.

We are all deeply sad and thinking how lucky we were to have known him.

So this is goodbye to an old mate, a stellar colleague and a true gentleman.

Graham will be sadly missed.

Our aim is to help growers succeed in their industry, no matter the size.